My friend Pedro


The game Deadpool would love to play. Whacky physics and slow-mo bullet action.



 My Friend Pedro: Blood, Bullets, Bananas is exactly what you’d imagine from a game with such a title. The gun-happy action platformer starts when your character wakes up to a talking banana. Yes, you read that correctly. It’s not clear whether it was the knock on the head you presumably received or if your „Pedro“-condition was pre-existing, but it’s a fun way to set up and narrate the game and integrate tutorials at the same time.

Hello Pedro … how nice that you’re my friend. Wait, am I talking to a banana?

 Oops …

The Gameplay

The goal is simple: get through the levels going from left to right. In between you’ll find scores of enemies that want to stop you. You get new toys and find new obstacles in your way. You’ll learn to use the environment to your advantage, as cover and as weapons. The game is quite obviously intended to be played fast, but you do have time to pause in between, plan your next move and be more tactical.












The Graphics & Sound


The Physics & Sound






Final score

As good as?

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